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If you enjoy smelling good but on a strict budget please pay close attention to this article as I explain why you should use perfume oils.

Perfume Oils, Here is why You should own one


To be honest, perfume oils in Nigeria are quite inexpensive. You can acquire a 3ml bottle of perfume oil for as little as 1,500 naira, but the problem is that most vendors mix them to make a double profit, which, of course, makes it less concentrated.

There are varieties of career path, pay attention to this post as I guide you through ways to kick off your career as a makeup artist.

10 mind-blowing career path for makeup artist

10 MIND-BLOWING CAREER PATH FOR MAKEUP ARTIST So you want to learn a new skill, and after much deliberation, you’ve decided that makeup artistry is the best option for you, or you’ve recently graduated from a makeup school, congratulations! You’re probably on the internet looking for ways to advance your makeup career and, of course,...

the right makeup looks will take your outfit from 10 to 100 in a matter of seconds for the eid celebration | Banjoko Busayo

EID 2021: MAKEUP LOOKS TO TRY This Festive Season

EID 2021:MAKEUP LOOKS TO TRY THIS FESTIVE SEASON Who wants to look simple when you can look stunning? This is exactly my mood for this years’ Eid Fitr celebration, and it should be yours as well. You deserve to celebrate Eid-el-Fitr in grand style after a long holy month of prayer, fasting, and complete devotion...

I will be listing out some of the Nigerian makeup brands that I love, I will also be listing out my favorite product from the brands.

NIGERIAN MAKEUP BRANDS You should spend your money on

Over the years the Makeup industry has grown into a very big industry, according to Forbes the industry is currently valued at $532 billion globally. The Nigerian makeup industry is definitely not left behind in this rapid growth. In recent times a lot of Nigerian brands and sprung up and created products that are not...

Conditioners were created to help you replenish your natural hair moisture, listing out some of the affordable conditioners in Nigeria

5 AMAZING conditioners for Natural hair in Nigeria

5 AMAZING CONDITIONERS FOR NATURAL HAIR IN NIGERIA The love for Natural hair has increased over the years, women especially African and African-American are beginning to fall in love with their natural hair. As a naturalista, you’ve undoubtedly heard numerous times how important conditioners are for your hair. If you have dry, frizzy, or tangled...

In this blog post In no particular order, I wrote out top five uprising Nigeria makeup artists that are putting in their ‘A’ game

Top Five Fast Rising Makeup Artists In Nigeria

Top Five Fast Rising Makeup Artists In Nigeria  Makeup has gone far from what it used to be; it has gone beyond just slamming white powder on our faces to beautifully enhancing several features of the face and body Makeup art is one of the excessively saturated professions out there virtually everyone thinks because they...

Over years I have worked with oily skin type, in this blog post I will be listing out My Best foundation picks for oily skin in Nigeria.

The Best Foundation for Oily Skin in Nigeria

BEST FOUNDATION FOR OILY SKIN IN NIGERIA A lady’s nightmare is having her makeup run down her cheeks, staining clothes, and looking messy just a few hours after putting it on, the messy situation could even get worse when you have super oily skin especially in a hot country like Nigeria Having your makeup stay...

Being single isn't a crime, while you wait to meet your partner have fun, invest in yourself by reading books (SINGLE GIRL VALENTINE'S DAY)


MY SINGLE GIRL GUIDE TO ENJOYING VALENTINE’S DAY Valentine is coming where is your boyfriend? this term may sound very familiar because it’s that time of the year when singles get bullied most especially on social media, multiple memes making  fun of single people are not far fetched during this period  I am here to...

Wow, I am finally here!!! Welcome to my new blog, After several years of procrastinating, months of self-doubt, and sleepless nights

Welcome to my Blog| Beauty Blogger IN NIGERIA

Wow, I am finally here!!! Welcome to my blog, After several years of procrastinating, months of self-doubt, and sleepless nights, I am so happy that I finally Launched this blog, feel free to call me a beauty blogger in Nigeria Hi, my name is Busayo Banjoko, I am daydreamer (I have a lot of conversations...

Makari Velvet Rose Body Lotion: My Honest Review

Makari Velvet Rose Body Lotion: My Honest Review

MAKARI VELVET ROSE BODY LOTION REVIEW Everybody wants glowing skin, particularly ladies, I mean a skin that looks like glass and makes people turn their heads when you walk into a place.  Just like you, I also want glowing skin. I tried the new Makari velvet rose Intense smoothing body lotion from the Makari brand...