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There are varieties of career path, pay attention to this post as I guide you through ways to kick off your career as a makeup artist.

10 mind-blowing career path for makeup artist

10 MIND-BLOWING CAREER PATH FOR MAKEUP ARTIST So you want to learn a new skill, and after much deliberation, you’ve decided that makeup artistry is the best option for you, or you’ve recently graduated from a makeup school, congratulations! You’re probably on the internet looking for ways to advance your makeup career and, of course,...

I will be listing out some of the Nigerian makeup brands that I love, I will also be listing out my favorite product from the brands.

NIGERIAN MAKEUP BRANDS You should spend your money on

Over the years the Makeup industry has grown into a very big industry, according to Forbes the industry is currently valued at $532 billion globally. The Nigerian makeup industry is definitely not left behind in this rapid growth. In recent times a lot of Nigerian brands and sprung up and created products that are not...

In this blog post In no particular order, I wrote out top five uprising Nigeria makeup artists that are putting in their โ€˜Aโ€™ game

Top Five Fast Rising Makeup Artists In Nigeria

Top Five Fast Rising Makeup Artists In Nigeria  Makeup has gone far from what it used to be; it has gone beyond just slamming white powder on our faces to beautifully enhancing several features of the face and body Makeup art is one of the excessively saturated professions out there virtually everyone thinks because they...