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I will be listing out some of the Nigerian makeup brands that I love, I will also be listing out my favorite product from the brands.

NIGERIAN MAKEUP BRANDS You should spend your money on

Over the years the Makeup industry has grown into a very big industry, according to Forbes the industry is currently valued at $532 billion globally. The Nigerian makeup industry is definitely not left behind in this rapid growth. In recent times a lot of Nigerian brands and sprung up and created products that are not...

Over years I have worked with oily skin type, in this blog post I will be listing out My Best foundation picks for oily skin in Nigeria.

The Best Foundation for Oily Skin in Nigeria

BEST FOUNDATION FOR OILY SKIN IN NIGERIA A ladyโ€™s nightmare is having her makeup run down her cheeks, staining clothes, and looking messy just a few hours after putting it on, the messy situation could even get worse when you have super oily skin especially in a hot country like Nigeria Having your makeup stay...