Top Five Fast Rising Makeup Artists In Nigeria

In this blog post In no particular order, I wrote out top five uprising Nigeria makeup artists that are putting in their ‘A’ game
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Top Five Fast Rising Makeup Artists In Nigeria 

Makeup has gone far from what it used to be; it has gone beyond just slamming white powder on our faces to beautifully enhancing several features of the face and body

Makeup art is one of the excessively saturated professions out there virtually everyone thinks because they can apply as little as makeup foundations they are deemed fit to be called makeup artists, which is not true.

As makeup popularity  continued to grow around the world, the demand for professionals who actually gets the job done continue to grow, most especially in Nigeria, where parties (Owanbe)  is a big deal

There are young individuals who have devoted time, money, and energy to their makeup craft; they have given us reason to fall in love with makeup.

In an overly saturated Nigerian Makeup industry where we have those who have risen to stardom like Anita Brows, Bibyonce, Flawlessfacesbyjane, Bregha, Iamdodos, good fast-rising makeup artist are easily left out without given the right accolades for their beautiful work 

In this blog post, In no particular order, I wrote out the top five uprising Nigeria makeup artists that are putting in their ‘A’ game and steadily making a name for themselves in the Nigerian Makeup industry. 


Kehinde Tobiloba owns the Brand Teefaceglam; she started her brand in 2018; Tobliloba is a Student Nurse at Babcock University.

She depletes the character of a strong and hard-working African woman beautifully by the way she juggles between her Nursing career  and Makeup art 

Tobi’s attention to details reflects beautifully in her makeup work; her brows, eyeshadow are always beautifully done; she also never misses that glow, so be sure that you will blind your enemies when you book her…lol.

Besides painting faces, she is also a makeup tutor, as it is boldly written on her Instagram bio.  

Tobi has approximately 7,000 follower on her Instagram 

This write-up about Tobi won’t be complete without stating that she has an excellent and friendly personality. 

We have watched Her grow her brand to what it is today and can’t wait to see her grow it even bigger. 

Tobi is Lagos and Ogun based makeup artist, Check out some of Tobi’s work down below 


Ahmed Fatima Olamide owns the brand @Flawlessfacebytima; she is Lagos based Makeup artist; Tima’s consistency and drives to take her craft to the next level is second to none. 

Tima is known for her beautiful and sophisticated traditional bridal looks, which recently Got her a feature on the popular Bella Naija wedding blog.

She pays attention to details in how she enhances the face’s features, be sure to get well-defined brows, beautiful eye eyeshadow look, luscious lips, and above all, a glowing skin work when you book her.

She has approximately 9,000 Instagram followers on the Instagram

Check out Tima’s work below 


@glambykenny is one the makeup artist who derives joy in keeping the skin breathable and looking fresh, The glambykenny makeup brand is owned by Akintonde Kehinde.

Glambykenny’s makeup look is very similar to that of the flawless skin work queen, Flawlessfacesbyjane. 

Glambykenny is an advocate for fresh,breathable,and radiant skin work which often reflects in her work 

If you are someone that likes your makeup looking as very natural as possible, glambykenny is your best bet.

she keeps her skin work looking fresh and beautiful at all times while also beautifully enhancing other facial features 

 When you think of glambykenny, think of Flawless skinwork it’s that simple. 

Check out Glambykenny’s work down below 


Aphaglam is owned by Adekunle Ifeoluwa, Ifeolouwa is a top makeup artists based in Osun State, Nigeria the Law graduate from the Great University of Ife she shuffles beautifully between her Law career and her makeup Art.

Apart from being a makeup artist,she also had a YouTube channel where she shares with her audience her makeup skills and a bit of her daily life in beautifully captured   vlogs, I actually got to know about her from her youtube channel,, which eventually took me to her Instagram page 

Aphaglam’s beautiful work gave her the opportunity to work with Oni Ife’s daughter and other celebrities 

She was also given different award for entrepreneurship  during her undergraduate days at the Obafemi Awolowo university 

Check out her work down Below 


Chika is one of those Male Makeup artists who have chosen to explore the Makeup profession; Chike Ambrose has joined other foreign Male Makeup artists like  Patrick Starr, James Charles, Manny Mua to show to the world that Makeup Artistry isn’t just a Female thing.

As boldly written on his bio, Chika is a 360 Glam artist, He is a  Versatile and published Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Chika’s love for natural and glowy makeup reflects beautifully in his work,His twins sister recently Got married and we are stunted about how beautifully Chika slayed her makeup and Hair, we sure it was an very emotional moments for the dou  

He is an Ibadan based makeup artist 

Check out some of Chike’s work down below 

Hottiebond beauty

Hottie, as her friends and clients popularly call her, is an Ibadan based makeup artist, her love for colorful and defined eyeshadow has gained her lots of traction from people; we are also in love with the way she switches from colorful makeup look to simple glam as the need arises. 

The wife and mother of one never misses that glow ,she also gradually creating a signature look for herself with the way she smokes her under eye and sculpt her clients lips in almost all her makeup looks 

Hottie Bond Beauty has about 5,000 instagram Followers

Check out some of her work Bellow 


She is one makeup artist who is names for themselves and dominating Akure, Ondo state.

She often combines her makeup and Perfect Gele skills to beautify her bridal clients 

As bodily written on her bio Beautebyayo is a makeup teacher, she teaches other people the art doing makeup and becoming her their own boss


She is one of the few top makeup artists in Nigeria that we can’t but add to the list; her good makeup skills have paved the way for her in the makeup industry.

Just like every other makeup artist on this list, Glambyadu also never miss that glow we all crave in our makeup

Her love for beautiful and well blended makeup look reflects beautiful in her work

Glambyadu has sure made a name for a her in Abeokuta,Ogun state and also in Nigeria at large 


The brand beautywith_bb is owned by Banjoko Busayo, Busayo is a Lagos-based makeup artist.

Her passion is deeply rooted in ensuring that her clients look effortlessly beautiful.

We are amazed about how she juggles her makeup career with her 9-5 job in a busy city like Lagos.

She is a big fan of timeless and glowy beats, applying makeup on her client gives her joy and easily lifts up her mood

Busayo is a also a Youtuber and the primary author of this blog

On a final note

There are lots of amazing and hardworking top makeup artists in Nigeria, did we omit your favourite makeup artist? If yes mention them down below.

Until soon,


Banjoko Busayo 

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